Welcome Pet Lovers Visiting Alpharetta, Georgia!

You've entered fur-baby heaven!

While you're enjoying our beautiful towns, here are some of our girl, Mylah's favorite pet-friendly hangouts, we just know your pet would love to enjoy.
Need a pet sitter/dog-walker while you're here? Our "Wranglers" are all background-checked and credentialed for your pet's safety. Click here to get started.

Pet-Friendly Restaurants and Bars

Smoke Jack Southern Grill & BBQ
Thoom's Kitchen
Mama's Pizza
Crust Pizza
Village Tavern
Truck & Tap
Ceviche Mexican Restaurant

Pet-Friendly Stores

Joanne's Fabrics
Home Depot

Dog Parks (Mylah-Approved)

Wills Park Waggy World
Newtown Dog Park

Dog-Happy Trails

Webb Bridge Park


All the Fun Things to do in Awesome Apharetta

Alpharetta's Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) is on top of ALL the fun things for you during your stay. Visit their website here.

Lost Pet Recovery

Contact PawBoost for the fastest, FREE, community-active pet recovery system. Click here

Pet Supplies (Food, Toys, Etc)

Hollywood Feed
JC Shoppe

Pet Walkers - Pet Sitters

Just kidding.  You've already found the BEST in Northern Georgia!  Click here to get started.

Furs Responders never wants to hear about a lost pet!
We're providing our partnered hotels, dog tags that let people know which awesome hotel your pet is staying with.
You also receive a treat (for your pet, of course) and a discount card for your pet's fabulous sitter/walker.
Welcome to Alpharetta!

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