Who Called for a cab?

Your Furry Friend Has a Date? We'll make sure they're on their way!

Busy Schedules Require Dependable Options For Your Pet

If something comes up and you can't get your pet to the groomer, the vet or some other important date, have no fear, Furs Responders will ensure your pet has a ride!



    • 25 Mile Private Ride
    • 1 Pet
    • 1 Driver
    • Potty Break


    • Extra Pets (+$10 each)
    • Extra Miles (+2/mile)
    • Extra Hours (+25/hour)
    • After Hour +$15 (5-7am  9-11pm)

    We love providing TLC to ensure your pet goes from point A to point B. We'll only need to know:

    1) What is the size/weight of your dog?

    2) What date/time are you looking at for pickup and drop-off?

    3) Does your dog require any medication or special care?

    We'll prepare your custom quote for a private transport, allowing time gas, potty, feed & play stops. If the round trip is more than 12 hours, an overnight lodging fee ($100) is required to ensure our drivers are protected from fatigue.

    We also offer a 10% discount for our brave and dedicated men and women in the military with an active military ID. 

    Rescue organizations will receive a substantial discount. And we thank you for adopting a homeless dog or cat.

Let's go!

Your pet's taxi will ensure your pets make it to their groomers, vet, boarding hotel or even that special day (did we mention we also provide WEDDING ATTENDANT services for your pet? Click here!). Your fur-baby will enjoy air-conditioned comfort and a potty break to boot. If their appointment is less than an hour, we'll hang out and be at their service for a return trip home.

We're flexible though, so if more than one pet needs a lift, you need to go additional miles, hours or even outside our regular hours, just let us know and we'll work it all out with you.

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