October is National Adopt a Dog Month!

Few things are more rewarding than providing a forever home for a fabulous dog. If you have the time, space and especially the love to rescue a pet, the rewards will amaze you! Upon meeting Mylah a beautiful Belgian Malinois, she instantly stole our hearts. Oh, she had some issues (heart worm, anxiety, trust) but she instantly knew she found a family that loved her. What we found out to be most important was to do your research, ask the experts and consider finding a professional...

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Meet Top Pet Wrangler, Deanna Riley!

National Dog Walker Appreciation Day is September 8th y’all and we’d like to give a shout out to one of the best… Deanna Riley. Deanna makes sure your pet gets plenty of exercise, care and lovin’ along with some of the most adorable photos we’ve ever seen. With a background in Property Management, Deanna fell in love with all the pets at the various properties. “I think I would do very well working with dogs and cats on a more regular basis,” Deanna...

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Medical Professionals Work Hard; Play Harder With Two Awesome Boxers!

With August being National Pet Wellness Month, it only makes sense to highlight two medical professional clients of ours, Thomas and Heather Brown and their beautiful Boxers, Millie and Avery! Residents of Roswell for 10 years, Thomas and Heather love their town! “We live near Canton Street, so we’re spoiled by all the pet-friendly restaurants and shops in the downtown area.  Thomas is a Nurse Navigator for Emory Healthcare and Heather a Physician Assistant for Northside...

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Professional Couple Balances Life With a Powerful Pup!

Meet our Spotlight Clients, Joshua and Shaily and Their Pup, BishopJoshua Bell is an accountant for SeatonHill CFO Service, where attending virtual meetings and keeping deadlines on schedule can be quite hectic. Throw an overly energetic German Shepherd pup named Bishop into the mix and your day just goes nuts! “When I first got him, my first thought was ‘That’s odd…I’ve never seen such huge paws on such a little guy. I mean seriously, how big can...

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Dog-Gone it, it’s Hot Outside!

Dogs are cool. Let’s keep them cooler. DOGS LEFT IN CARS; it’s just not right!Just for funsies, pick the hottest day of the year. Jump into your car. Roll the windows up. Then…wait. Oh, and you better not have any water nearby. That would be cheating. How long did you last before flinging that door open, taking a desperate grasp of air and running to the nearest bottle of ice cold water? I’d guess at least 20, 30, maybe even 40…seconds. Am I right?

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