We'll Campout With Your Pet

Enjoy your getaway!

We'll make sure the pets chill

Well who doesn't enjoy a slumber party, right?

Pets are for the most part, extremely social/pack-minded partiers. They love having company, someone to cuddle with, rub their bellies and to listen to them snore. The more relaxed they are, the more pleasant they'll be upon your return. 

As a bonus, your Furs Responder Wrangler will make sure the rest of your castle is secure (lights, plants, mail, etc.)  So give Mylah the Wonder Dog a whistle and let's get that sleepover scheduled!

Taking your pets with you?  We'll check in on your house while you're gone. Checkout our HOUSESITTING page.

Get Started


    • Everything in the Dog Sitting or Cat Sitting services during a 12 hour overnight stay, PLUS the House Sitter items below.
    • $70 for first pet. $10 per additional pet.


    • We'll bring in the mail
    • Secure the packages
    • Grab the newspaper
    • Switch up the lighting and shades for the lived-in look
    • Adjust the temperature as needed
    • Perform all the home security checks
    • Water the indoor plants
    • Additional services available to pickup household supplies, check your post office box, and water outdoor plants and the lawn or flowers for an additional charge

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