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  • Why Pet Work Network?

    You want the best for our pets, but who's got time to do the research? We Do!  Spending years in the Chamber of Commerce world, we've gotten to know the reputations, personalities and value of those which we now partner and recommend. Can't find what you need? Give us a call at 770.686.7683 or email us.


    We communicate with all our pawtners to glean the best of their professional advice to share with you. Watch for our future "Yappy Hour" fun and educational events coming up.

  • Want to pawtner with us?

    PWN is exclusive to each community, with one business listed per category.  Do you have what it takes to pawtner with us?  Then put your tail in gear and give us a call 770.686.7683 or email us today.

Premium Pet Food & Accessories - Hollywood Feed

You only want the best for your pets, right? Well, of course you do! Just one visit to this store and a few words with Suzy's awesome, intelligent, friendly staff, and you'll be adding them to your favorites.

Do you have a power-chewer? Our Belgian Malinois, Mylah, will completely shred a regular chew toy in minutes. Thank goodness, Hollywood Feed has a huge selection of Chuckit, Kong and many other brands along with Mylah's favorite treats...the bully sticks. Visit our favorite all-in-one store today!

Pet Pain & Stress Solutions - Your CBD Haven
Your CBD Haven
Your CBD Haven in Roswell, Georgia

Homeopathic Solutions for Ailing and Stressed-out Pets!

Your CBD Haven's products helped our very own "Mylah the Malinois" get through the 6-week recuperation period after heart-worm treatment!

Training (Obedience / Agility / Scent / Diving / More) - Atlanta Dog Trainer
Atlanta Dog Trainer
Atlanta Dog Trainer

The premier dog training and behavior modification center in the Southeast. With over 30 years of combined dog training and dog behavior modification experience, our trainers are recommended nationwide.

Train & Board (Behavior Modification / Protection) - K9 Concepts - Gus Navarro

In-Their-Head Dog Training

Gus Navarro has always had a passion of training dogs to do all kinds of discipline. Training since 1981, he has worked intensively with most breeds from basic obedience, behavior modification to high level personal and professional protection. In 1986, Gus opened his first 5,000 square foot training facility in his home town Naples, Florida. Now at his 21 acre ranch in southern Georgia, he and his staff of trainers handle all breeds of dogs at all levels of training. He has trained K-9's for home, business and security company's. He loves what he does with the K-9's and will love to help you with your pet.

Pet Rescue/Adoption - Lifeline Animal Project
Lifeline Animal Project
Lifeline Animal Rescue

Ask anyone who's ever adopted a rescue pet and you'll hear the same "I'm not sure if I rescued her or she rescued me!" We're guilty as well. LifeLine Animal Project is where we adopted "Mylah the Malinois" and mascot of Furs Responders. Visit their website and you just might find your next best furry friend!

Lost Pets Recovery - Pawboost!
Pawboost for Lost Pets
Pawboost to the rescue for lost pets!

This amazing pet recovery service is absolutely FREE to use and is very powerful. And yes, the very first week we adopted "Mylah the Malinois", she bolted out the door! Within 3 hours she was spotted, reported and recovered. Be sure to get alerts on your phone for lost pets near you. It's one of the nicest things you'll ever do

Essential Oils for Pets - Ability Clinical, LLC - doTerra CPTG
doTerra Solutions for Pets
doTerra helps calm pets and ease pain...naturally.

Pets frightened by thunder, fireworks, rambunctious toddlers? Do they suffer from squirrel-chasing muscle aches?

dōTERRA® Essential Oils are the only CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) to meet over 40 stringent purification test. Don't trust anything else for your pet's care.


Grooming Membership - SCENTHOUND - Snuggle up to a clean, healty pet
Scenthound Pet Grooming
Scenthound of Johns Creek West will keep your pets clean and snuggly.
Mobile Grooming - All About the Dogs, LLC
All About the Dogs Fur Mobile
A Spa Day in Your Driveway!

Mobile Salons are the preferred choice for today's busy lifestyles. All About the Dogs will ease your burden by providing the care you want and your pet deserves, in a fully equipped state of the art van at your home by appointment.

Your pet will be groomed with exclusive time and attention, less stress, avoid cages and exposure to other animals, resulting in your pet having a calmer and more relaxed attitude.

Gentle Water-based Pet Cremation - Heavenly Paws
Gentle water-based pet cremation
Heavenly Paws for gentle, water-based pet cremation services.

We know losing your companion is one of the most challenging things you'll ever do. We are here to help with a gentle pet cremation alternative. Aquamation is the most gentle & environmentally friendly way to say farewell to your faithful companion. Please give us a call at 678-995-9520 to begin a consultation.

Pet-Friendly Hotels and Other Places

Visit our Pet-Friendly Places for Hotels, Parks, Stores and many other wonderful places in Northern Georgia

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