POOPY PATROL (Pet Waste Removal)


Free fertilizer is nice and all, but so is walking on your lawn with open-toed shoes, sandals, etc.  Tell us your schedule and we’ll come by once, twice or three times a week and cart those lil’ land mines away. 

All residential pet waste disposal services are for lots up to 1/4 acre. For larger lots, give us a call.

You take a nap…we’ll take care of the, um, well…you know.


Pet Waste Disposal One-Time

ONE-TIME service for up to two dogs $45. For 3 or more $65. Having a backyard party? Getting ready to sell your place? Let us get that yard looking (and smelling) good!

Poopy Patrol
It's a messy job, but we're happy to do it.

Weekly Add-on For Pet Sitting Clients

During one of our weekly pet sitting visits for up to 2 dogs, why not have us clean up the lawn for only $12 more? For 3 or more dogs, it's only $18.

Dog Dumping in Back of Yard
Avery photo-bombing (literally) Millie

Weekly Pet Waste Pickup Service (with no other services)

Billed monthly at $61, ensures once a week cleanup of your yard for up to two dogs. For three or more dogs, it's only $82/month.  Enjoy a nice clean yard every day.

Clean Back Yard
Enjoy a nice clean back yard.

Odor Removal

Deodorizer (Odormute) Application ensures odors are removed from your yard. $10 add-on to any service above.

Odor Removal
Does your backyard stink?


Complete pet waste removal services, including grounds inspection, bag and container placement, maintenance of containers and deodorizing treatments. Just one of the many Apartment & HOA Services we provide. Let us put together a quote for you today.

Pet Waste Station
Pet Waste Station

DNA Poop Analysis


Apartment complexes and HOA's "pet" peeve is trying to figure out which tenant is responsible for not picking up after their pet.  Furs Responders will draw a DNA sample with a simple swab and hold the results in our "crime lab". 

When poop is found on the property, a sample is compared with the DNA files to help the property managers "bust" and fine the offenders.  All of a sudden...the poop problems disappear!

Dog busted for poop violation


  • 1.

    You determine the frequency (once, twice, three times a week)

  • 2.

    We do the work.

  • 3.

    We dispose of the um..."materials".

  • 4.

    You enjoy your yard and have time for more pleasant things.

  • 5.

    We’ll send photos of secured gate when done. Most people don’t want photos of the other stuff we see.

  • 6.

    We LOVE dogs and with your permission, we’ll give them a Mylah-approved, Milk-Bone biscuit when we arrive.

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