Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a service rather than an independent sitter?

Independent sitters are just that...independent. If they can't make it at the last moment, get sick or decide the stars aren't aligned just right, your fur-baby is out of luck (and so are you). 

Most independents are not background-checked, bonded or insured either.

When hiring Furs Responders, you get a team of background-checked, insured and bonded professionals, outstanding customer service and assurance that your Pet Wrangler will make their appointed rounds (kinda like the Post Office, but even more reliable). 

Why are TWO keys required?

If access to your house is required (you're not home at the time of the visit), please be prepared to have two sets of keys for us to ensure your pet is cared for. Even if your house has electronic entry, we require a secondary means of access should the electronic device fail (power outage, dead battery, etc.).  This also allows us to be YOUR backup plan should you lose your keys and we're far cheaper than calling a locksmith!

One set of keys will be with your assigned sitter and another kept at our office, should a last-minute replacement sitter need to be dispatched.

Is Tipping Allowed?

Please treat our services as you would any other. Although it's not expected, our Wranglers LOVE any show of appreciation when outstanding service is rendered (actually, they don't know any other kind of service to render).

If you were asking about "Cow Tipping", our Wranglers never tip over sleeping cows, regardless of the urban legend.  They may however, record your dog's snoring just for your amusement, at your request.


Our fees are posted on our pricing page here.  We offer discounts to First Responders (Police, Fire & EMTs) as well as Front Line Medical Workers, US Military Members and Veterans.

Is it easy to get started?

Absolutely! It's as easy as 1,2,3 as described on our Getting Started Page.

  1. Just set up your pet information in the client portal (okay, so it's a bit detailed, but it's to ensure the best experience for your pet. Also, just let us know the dates you'll need visits, best times for you, etc.
  2. Next, we'll setup your FREE "Paws & Claws Shake" (meet & greet) to meet you and your pets. This will ensure your pet(s) and Wrangler are a great match for each other and that all details (food, meds, toys, routine, etc) are covered. We'll need two copies of your house key (one for the Wrangler and one for our office, should a replacement Wrangler be needed at the last minute).
  3. The software we use (Time To Pet) will have you setup a client profile as well.  This app is amazingly easy to use for all your scheduling.
How many visits are needed for my pet(s)?

Frequency of visits can be as varied as there are breeds. Inside dogs can go from the minimum of two (2) to up to five (5) visits a day.  The most popular request is for three (3) visits a day.  Walks are  20 minutes with longer walks upon request.

Outside pets get at least one (1) daily visit. 
Crated/confined dogs require at least three (3) visits a day to ensure their comfort and mobility.

Cats? Those independent felines get a minimum of one (1) visit, every day from their Wrangler (we mean "staff" of course).


Absolutely. Our Wranglers are trained on administering oral meds, creams and ointments (oink-ments if you have pigs LOL).  Please refer to our Furs-Responders-Fee-Schedule as there are minimal charges for administrations. 

What Pets do you Care for?

In addition to dogs and cats, our Wranglers sit for birds, fish, turtles, snakes, iguanas, hamsters, rabbits, mice, gerbils, ferrets, chinchillas, get the idea. As long as they're non-poisonous or otherwise non-life-threatening (ex: Bengal Tigers, Grizzly Bears, etc.), give us a call at 770-686-7683 or drop us an email and let's work out the details.

Do you board pets?

Furs Responders is not a boarding facility, however, some of our Pet Wranglers are able to board a pet or two at their homes on an individual basis. Our primary focus is to care for your pets in their most familiar surroundings...your home. We're headquartered in Alpharetta and our Wranglers are situated through the many communities in Northern Georgia. This allows them to be just minutes away from your fur-babies.

How does weather affect your service?

Aside from the obviously nasty threatening weather issues (torrential downpours, dangerous lighting, hailstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes or typhoons) we're there for your pets and your preferences, rain or shine, snow or dry. Some love a bit of rain, while others...not so much. Your pets...your rules.

Can I make schedule changes through my sitter?

All changes MUST be made through our client portal to ensure not only that everyone is on the same page, but to ensure your protection of liability insurance. The Time to Pet app which we use, guarantees that your visits will be scheduled.

How will I be sure my sitter/wrangler showed up?

We take great care and pride in our hiring process to bring on the finest, professional sitters ("Wranglers"). We also incorporate industry-leading scheduling software to help them complete their visits efficiently and with accountability.  The Time-to-Pet app notifies you when your Wrangler has arrived and when they leave, while tracking their walks and transportation services via GPS.

Upon completion of their visit, each Wrangler sends an update, including photos to the software, which you can then review. We hope your pet isn't camera-shy, because we love capturing their grins!

How will you be billing me?

All major credit/debit cards are accepted with payments due one day prior to service day. Full or partial payments may be paid directly through the Time-to-Pet app or online portal. If payments are not received by the first day of service, your card will be charged automatically.

If a client requests to extend service, they guarantee payment at the same rate for all services at the time of requested change.

Tipping your Wrangler, although not required, may easily be added, when you pay your invoice.

How are emergency situations handled?

Should your specified veterinarian not be available in the event of any illness or other medical emergency, your pet will be taken to closest vet or Emergency Care Hospital.

When setting up your Time-to-Pet account, you will be asked to enter the max-spend amount for emergency care. 

Are pets allowed to be kept outside?

All outdoor pets or those with outdoor access must have adequate shelter with access to shade and water. All dogs and cats must have current tags and be micro-chipped. 

Any additional fees for Holiday care?

An additional holiday charge of time-and-a-half will apply for all visits made on the following holidays: New Year’s Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day

What if I have to cancel?
Pet Sitting, Ranch Sitting, Dog Walking and Pet Taxi Service Requests Cancellation Fees


  • 31 or more hours:No Charge
  • 30 or fewer hours:100% of remaining scheduled visits up to 30 hours

Containing A Holiday

  • 8 or more Days:100% of holiday visits
  • 7 or fewer Days:100% of holiday visits plus 100% of remaining scheduled visits up to 24 hours
Overnight and Boarding Service Requests


  • 48 or fewer Hours:100% of remaining scheduled visits up to 48 hours

Containing A Holiday

  • 8 or more Days:100% of holiday visits
  • 7 or fewer Days:100% of holiday visits plus 100% of remaining scheduled visits up to 48 hours
Wedding Pet Attendant Requests


  • 8 or more Days:50% of request
  • 7 or fewer Days:100% of request

Containing A Holiday

  • 100% of request

*New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Do you have a Refund/Credit Policy?

Cancellation of visits not on a holiday* will be credited to future services ONLY; No Refunds. Cancellation of visits on a holiday* will be forfeited; No credits or Refunds will be given.

*New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

How are you with Last-Minute Requests?

We love to be available up to the last minute. However, our Wranglers get booked up pretty quickly, so there's no guarantee of availability.

Our last-minute request fee charge is to compensate our Wranglers for rearranging their schedules whenever possible.

Last Minute Change Fees

  • Same Day:$25
  • Next Day:$15

For new clients we require one (1) weeks’ notice to allow time to set up a FREE Meet & Greet Visit and work them into our schedule. We book up quickly in the summer and on all major holidays, so try to book in advance! During busy times, we have been booked 2-3 months in advance.


We love taking care of our true heroes, the First Responders (Police, Fire & EMTs), Front Line Medical Workers, US Military Members and Veterans with discounted rates. Call us!

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